Songlines You've Got a Friend in Mee WC



      Multi BISS Pol/Am/Can/GCh. Chablais Rendez-Vous X Wyntercreek Hey Soul Sister at Songline

                                                          DOB 5/27/20

                                               *carries black and chocolate



OFA Hips Good

Elbows Normal

Heart Echo Clear
ACVO Eyes Annually

Optigen Normal/Clear

EIC Clear

CNM Clear
HPNK Clear

RD/OD Clear

DM Clear
SD 2 Clear

Dilute gene Clear

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2nd Open Yellow - Daniel Oliveira - PSLRA Annual Specialty - August 2022
2nd Open Yellow - Michael Silva - PSLRA KISS - August 2022
3rd Open Yellow - Cheryl Curtis- PSLRA Day 1 - August 2022
WD - Pat Lanctot - VCKC - July 2022 (Canada)
WD - Lola Nichol - LRCC Regional Specialty - July 2022 (Canada)
RWD - Julie Bedford-Pope - LRCC National Specialty - July 2022 (Canada)
RWD - Michael Lanctot - IPLRC Specialty - July 2022 (Canada)
WD, major - Katie Somers - Mt. Baker KC, Support Entry - May 2022
RWD - Ken Murray - Mt. Baker KC - May 2022
Working Certificate - PSLRA - April 2022
RWD- Linda Riedel - Peninsula Dog Fanciers, Supported Entry - March 2022 
1st Open Yellow- Pluis Davern - CCLRC Specialty - March 2022
3rd Open Yellow - Madaleine Charest - SJVLRC  Specialty - March 2022



Photo by Laura Berger

Andy win.jpg

Andy is growing up to be a handsome boy. We love his playful, kind temperament and corky ways. He is co-owned with two dear friends and co-breeders of the litter - Colleen Doll of Songline Labradors and Mary Jane Sarbaugh of Wyntercreek Labradors. Watch for Andy in the show ring and out in the field! 

Andy Pedigree copy.jpg